Sunday, 29 April 2012



Huhh...non-stop updating this blog, but for this time I want to share a few pictures and story about the event that was held in KIRKBY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE (KIC). I'm very proud and grateful to be a part of them.. luv uolls sooo muchiee..

This is during Merdeka Raya...

Our respective DATIN..
(Datin Nurul Hazimah Bt Dato' Mat Zin)

The Boy's
(Mood: Ceria)

                            My Housemates

Wooww.. Fantastic Baby (credit to: Aliya)

  Venessa with Datin Nurul Hazimah

Jaja N' the geng...

  Naney Honey: Awesome..!!!    

 Girlzz Generation (Azie, Jia, Yaya, Rab and Safi)

Kak Izni and Dorina Regina again with Datin Nurul Hazimah...

Notes: Datin Nurul Hazimah got the title "DATIN" from *** ******
I'm very sorry, I have to put so many pictures of her. This is because she asked me to do so..(hahhaha..just kidding)
Actually, all of her pictures are CUTE, AWESOME n FANTASTIC BABY..
That's why I put her pictures a lot..
OK..don't be angry with me DATIN..
Thank you, please come and visit us again..!!


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